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How to disable Windows 10 update using Wu10Man

This program is completely free for all users, in addition to being open source. To download it, all you have to do is access its Github repository and download the latest version of the available software from it. This program can block updates in several different ways.

Disable services

This is one of the ways that Wu10Man uses to disable Windows 10 updates. We can disable Windows updates by disabling these services. In this way, the operating system will not check the system nor will it search for, download and install updates.

Block connections in HOSTS


This is another way that the program offers us to block Windows Update updates in Windows 10. Its developer has collected all IPs and Microsoft domains related to Windows Update services. It allows us to add these domains directly to the Windows HOSTS file. This redirects them to a false IP, so that Windows 10 cannot communicate with Windows Update servers.

Pause (and postpone) updates


This option is included in the latest versions of Windows 10 Pro, and allows us to pause updates for the operating system for a certain number of days. This feature allows us to delay feature updates (major biannual updates) and monthly quality updates (security patches, rollups, etc).